October 16, 2020 

360VirtualShoot offers 3D walkthrough service for real estate. This service allows the client’s customer to explore property products virtually.

360VirtualShoot 3D walkthrough service has offered innovation and solutions for the real estate industry in India. The 3d walkthrough for real estate service gives the customer freedom to explore and see the property product using the virtual reality device. The service creates a high-quality projection image taken from a 3D camera that uses Matterport technology. The projection that can reach 200 property products is merged seamlessly into one environment where customers can see it directly in the virtual reality world. This service allows the customer to access the property product without leaving their house, which is useful during the current pandemic situation.

As mentioned by the spokesperson of 360VirtualShoot, “The demands of new features and solutions from real estate business to deal with the current pandemic lead us to create the unique virtual reality real estate service for our clients. We also use the best technology by Matterport to provide the best experience in creating a virtual room where our clients can display their property products. It is a new way to market the property asset to modern customers. We always try to keep improving by upgrading and providing a new solution for our clients using the latest technology. And, we are ready to provide the technical support for our clients to do that.”

The 3D virtual walkthrough for real estate is one of many technology-related services provided by 360VirtualShoot. As a technology-based company, it also offers other services to support the usage of this new technology to promote real estate products, such as professional photography and schematic floor plan service. With a team of experienced and skillful experts, this company tries to provide the best and satisfying experience and result for the client’s business. The Virtual walkthrough for real estate is indeed the solution that everyone that runs a business in the property field needs today.

About 360VirtualShoot

360VirtualShoot is a company in Delhi, India, that provides a technology solution for mainly real estate and other business fields. As the only company that has the authorization to use Matterport technology in India, this company offers many innovations to the real estate industry. 3D walkthrough, virtual tour, and projection mapping are some of them. Using technology, this company tries to bring the solution to improve the client’s business status, especially during the pandemic that everyone is experiencing today.

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