October 16, 2020 

360virtualshoot uses the latest Matterport technology for its virtual tour service. It creates the most realistic 3D virtual tour that gives a different experience to its users.

360virtualshoot  provides the 3D virtual tour using the latest Matterport technology. This company is also the only authorized Matterport service provider in India. This technology offers a better experience than the traditional virtual tour. The Matterport camera is capable of capturing the high-quality and photo-realistic image, which will be used in a 3D environment, where its users can explore it using the virtual reality device. The advanced Matterport 3D Scanning and the Dollhouse View features create a realistic atmosphere that makes its user feel like entering a real building. Thanks to this technology, this company turns into one of the important pivots that move India’s real estate industry into a new light.

The representative of 360virtualshoot  explained, “Matterport is the best developer of virtual reality and tour camera technology. So, we are very grateful for being able to be an authorized provider of the virtual service using this technology. We believe our Matterport 360 virtual tour can’t be compared with other virtual tours that use other technologies. Our customer also sends positive feedback after they use our virtual tour. And, to keep our customer satisfaction, we also try to improve ourselves, so we can keep providing the best service using the latest Matterport technology and camera.”

The Matterport technology also has been implemented to other 360virtualshoot’s services. The experienced photographer and expert use it to provide the professional photography service that this company also offered. This professional photography guaranteed the best result for product display on business, mainly the real estate business.

Furthermore, this company also offers the schematic floor plans making service. This service allows the clients to create accurate floor plans for their property for marketing. All these services are offered to support the Matterport 3D virtual tour for real estate, which is the main service of 360virtualshoot. This technology and the virtual reality service more or less give a big change to the real estate industry in India.

About 360virtualshoot

360virtualshoot has become one of the most important pillars in the real estate industry in India. This company changes the whole real estate business system by providing the virtual-reality-based service, with its 3D virtual tour. It uses the latest Matterport technology and camera for creating the best property virtual tour experience.

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